Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ah, Friday.

Conversation I just had with a colleague this morning.

Setting: Kitchen at work.
Players: Dom, George

George enters kitchen to find Dom cooking porridge in microwave

George: Plans for the weekend?
Dom: Cricket then off to a wedding in Napier
G: Yours or a friends?
D: Haha, A friends, though admittedly I'll make sure my wedding is on a Sunday so I can play cricket.
G: I’m not married.
D: Yeah.
D: Do you have plans? (in reference to the long weekend ahead)
G: I think I’m too old to marry. At my age, 36, the likely hood of developing a long lasting relationship is very low.
D: Bollocks.
G: Building a successful marriage is really only possible when you are in your twenties and have time. As you get older it becomes much more difficult. Things just get in the way.
D: Cheer up mate. Seems rather a bleak outlook.

They both make to leave the kitchen.

G: In Victorian times, if you weren’t married by 25, you never married. I wonder what was different about their society from today’s?
D: Everyone tended to die when they were 50?
G: Mmmmmm. (Wandering away, in the wrong direction to get to his desk) Maybe.


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