Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bad rugby union, thats naughty.

I don’t think its possible to ever have a salary cap for the super 14.

Each union (SRU, ARU, & NZRFU) runs its teams as virtual trials for the national representative teams, with very few exemptions made.

The NFL does not have this concern

All players are contracted to the same organisation (NZRFU for example) and the players are on a collective contract with very few individual differences, exceptions being All Blacks captains etc. Players are rated and then put into salary bands.

There is a very strong bond between the clubs of a province and the super 14 team that they are covered by. NFL does not have this same affiliation with their great feeder unit, College Football. All players are fair game.

Where as players of club and college football in NZ will tend to stay in their respective provinces in pursuit of a place in that super 14 team, College football players will go where they are drafted. NFL teams give no thought to State or City loyalty. Its always a big deal when a player “comes home” to where he grew up in NFL games because its so rare to be playing where you had your formative years.

Super 14 teams can show some allegiance to players by including them in their protected player quota. Hence the reason the Crusaders were able to hold on to so many All Blacks for so long. It goes against everything about NZ and Rugby to enter a draft and be selected for another team away from your home. It’s all about playing with your “mates”, your Whanau. A very different mindset to NFL.

<>But the number one reason why the Super 14 will never have a salary cap? The greedy NZRFU doesn’t want to share. They are the big kid in the sandpit who has collected all the best toys and will not let anyone else have them. It has been the practise since very early on in the professional rugby days for the NZRFU to secure all the talent it possibly could. NZ doesn’t want to let anyone else make use of the massive rugby talent pool that we currently enjoy. To entertain the possibility of a Queensland Reds team sprinkled with NZ rugby players upsetting the Blues in the final of the super 14 would be nothing short of blasphemy. It’s a classic case of having your cake and eating it.


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