Tuesday, December 06, 2005

[Sports] Whats in a name?

What is in a name? For those fat rich pricks considering purchasing or creating a new sports team, beware. The name of the team is all important. And its not just about fan support, marketing and catchy theme songs. The name can mean the difference between winning and losing. For while names such as the Tennessee Titans and the Seattle Supersonics might be cool, they may carry a grammatical curse.

Of the four major US sports codes [NBA, NHL, NFL & MLB] there are a combined 18 of 122 teams that have such alliterative team names i.e. Tennessee Titans, Boston Bruins, Cleveland Cavaliers [I did not count the San Francisco 49ers of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim because I only went with the first letter of the city name, and cos I think they are crappy names].

The Facts:

· Of the 18, ten have won their respective championships at least once.

· Right now they are a combined 360-374, a .490 winning percentage. This is compared to the other 105 teams who are a combined. 2909-2710, a .518 winning percentage.

· City/name teams represent 15% of all teams.

· Currently, the city name teams have contributed 12% of all the games lost. The top 15% of all teams [those with the best records in all leagues] combine for 22% of all the games won.

· Only two city/name teams, the San Antonio Spurs and the Seattle Seahawks, currently lead their respective divisions.

· Four city/name teams, the Boston Bruins, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the San Jose Sharks, are at the bottom of their respective divisions.

· Eight city/name teams occupy one of the bottom three positions in their respective divisions.

So if anyone out there is considering starting up the Bismarck Baboons, the Annapolis Apaches, or the Philadelphia Frenchmen, think again. And dont set up a sports franchise in Pittsburgh.


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